[Skincare] Asian Beauty 101- The 10 Step Routine

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I thought perfect skin was something of myths. I stumbled upon “Asian Beauty”- a complex science-based skincare regimen- in October of last year. You may have heard of K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, which is just a subset of AB. Being 1000% diva, I immediately jumped at the idea of a 10-step skincare routine because, well, more time to pamper myself! But I was skeptical. I washed, moisturized, and exfoliated my skin every day! I even bought the expensive stuff at the drugstore!! How much better could it get? Continue reading “[Skincare] Asian Beauty 101- The 10 Step Routine”

[Skincare] My First Asian Beauty Haul

*If you aren’t familiar with asian beauty skincare, check out my post “Asian Beauty 101” before you keep reading. *

I first learned about “Asian Beauty” in October 2016. I have never had bad skin; that is, I have never been terrorized by my skin to the point where it became a daily issue I thought about. Until Summer 2016. I describe my skin type as Continue reading “[Skincare] My First Asian Beauty Haul”