[The Tea] Why You Need to Get Over the Word Diet

Boys and girls, it is about time we all get over our issues with the word diet. And before you get your panties into a bunch, Continue reading “[The Tea] Why You Need to Get Over the Word Diet”


[Wardrobe] Adidas Crop Top Haul

Yaaasssssss people I’m back! And this time with even more napkins.


First things first, if it is your first time with us we’re gonna need you to start here. Can’t be in the dark not knowing what napkins are- it’s like…a rite of passage.

For those of you up to speed on the napkin game, welcome back. I have not one, but three treats for you. Continue reading “[Wardrobe] Adidas Crop Top Haul”

[Eats] 3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Lean Yet Pt. 1

To stay true to this topic, and because I love you all, I am going to break this down into two posts. What’s the point anyway if I am not arming you with everything you need to succeed? It’s swimsuit season, and we ain’t playin no games.

It is just about that time of year when I start leaning out, and the abs and muscle definition come back onto the scene. And like clockwork, after I throw up a couple ab shots on the gram, the messages start rolling in. What exercises do I do? How do I get abs? Continue reading “[Eats] 3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Lean Yet Pt. 1”

[Wardrobe] Gymshark Flex Legging Review

I have been following Gymshark since they really came on the scene in 2013. They are an online retailer based out of the UK that sponsor some serious fitness celebrities. Some of their athletes include Steve Cook, Nikki Blackketter, Matt Ogus, and Karina Elle. Their most popular product by far is their “Flex Legging” that I am reviewing. I have been wanting to buy a pair for about as long as I have known about them. But with such a big following, they sell out almost immediately after release, and don’t restock as often as we all would like. Though they only retail for $38, people resell the hard-to-find pants for up to $80!!!! It wasn’t until my friend Taylor showed up in the gym with them one day that I decided it was time to finally try the famous Gymshark Flex Leggings. Continue reading “[Wardrobe] Gymshark Flex Legging Review”

[The Tea] Better with age? 10 Things to Know Before Dating Older Men

For this week’s Tea I couldn’t help but write about one of my favorite topics, love and dating! Now that just about everyone is hip to online dating and dating apps, dating pools that wouldn’t normally mix are finding each other. So whether you’re interested in someone 5 years your senior or someone who graduated from college while you were still being potty trained, Continue reading “[The Tea] Better with age? 10 Things to Know Before Dating Older Men”

[Skincare] Asian Beauty 101- The 10 Step Routine

Asian beauty 101.png

I thought perfect skin was something of myths. I stumbled upon “Asian Beauty”- a complex science-based skincare regimen- in October of last year. You may have heard of K-Beauty, or Korean Beauty, which is just a subset of AB. Being 1000% diva, I immediately jumped at the idea of a 10-step skincare routine because, well, more time to pamper myself! But I was skeptical. I washed, moisturized, and exfoliated my skin every day! I even bought the expensive stuff at the drugstore!! How much better could it get? Continue reading “[Skincare] Asian Beauty 101- The 10 Step Routine”

[Beauty] Does the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Live Up to the Hype?

 Renaissance Palette Banner.png


I’m the type of girl that usually rocks one of three looks.

  1. The “I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup”
  2. The “I want to look like I’m barely wearing makeup”
  3. And the “I want to look like I’m wearing makeup without you knowing I just spent an hour literally reconstructing my face” 

Continue reading “[Beauty] Does the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Live Up to the Hype?”