[Wardrobe] Gymshark Flex Legging Review

I have been following Gymshark since they really came on the scene in 2013. They are an online retailer based out of the UK that sponsor some serious fitness celebrities. Some of their athletes include Steve Cook, Nikki Blackketter, Matt Ogus, and Karina Elle. Their most popular product by far is their “Flex Legging” that I am reviewing. I have been wanting to buy a pair for about as long as I have known about them. But with such a big following, they sell out almost immediately after release, and don’t restock as often as we all would like. Though they only retail for $38, people resell the hard-to-find pants for up to $80!!!! It wasn’t until my friend Taylor showed up in the gym with them one day that I decided it was time to finally try the famous Gymshark Flex Leggings. Continue reading “[Wardrobe] Gymshark Flex Legging Review”